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The Huichol Center

Watakame Survives the Great Flood Diorama

Watakame Survives the Great Flood Diorama

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These intricate works of art were created by Huichol Center artisans who hand cut the imagery from our line of best selling postcards. Step into the magical world of scenes from Huichol legends and symbolism. Each box contains a bilingual description of the scene.

Measurements: 8.5 inches by 11 inches

In ancient times, a great flood occurred that destroyed the world.  The creator goddess Grandmother Growth, Tacutsi Nakawe, decided to save one man, whose name was Watakame, and his little black female dog, Tusi.  Grandmother Growth told him to make a canoe, and gave Watakame five seeds to safeguard as they endured the rain and water. After a long time the waters receded, and when they reached dry land, a small island in Lake Chapala, Jalisco, the goddess used her magical staff to recreate the trees, plants, and repopulated the world  with birds, insects and animals. She showed Watacame how to plant the seeds so he could have corn, squash, beans, amaranth and cactus. The little black dog magically transformed into the first woman, and became the mother of the new human race. She and her husband Watakame then cultivated the future seeds of humanity.

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