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Thank you for supporting the Huichol Center with your purchases, and enjoy this FREE download which you may add to your cart for check-out.  Immediately after your check-out, your Ethno-Graphics and detailed explanations, without the watermarks, will be available for download at the email address you provide. Once you download the Ethno-Graphics, you may print them in a variety of sizes for use as coloring pages, logos, posters, banners and more. They can be printed on regular paper or, for framing and displaying, we recommend using a thicker grade of paper. For a larger project, we suggest downloading to a flash drive and taking it to your local print shop to print on the size of paper or other materials you may want for your projects. Please remember, we very much appreciate your support of the Huichol people with your purchase, and TRUST that you use these designs for your PERSONAL USE, not to replicate and sell.

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