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There are many ways you, your friends and family can join hands with us to support the Huichol Center. Please help us to continue to provide humanitarian aid to the Wixárika people while implementing our many long term, successful strategies to raise the quality of their lives and safeguard their ancient ways.

Feel free to share this website with others, and encourage people to purchase the beautiful items we offer, such as the Ethno-Graphics we have on this site.  We will be adding new and unique products regularly, so make sure to click on us again from time-to -time                           

If you know of individuals or organizations that may be of help in procuring long-term institutional support or grants, please steer them towards us.  We know there are people out there who would love to help.

Thank you so much for your tax deductible donations and gifts, big and small, which all go towards our operational expenses and towards new project development.

Here is a wish-list for some of our current and on-going needs:


  • A sturdy vehicle to transport multiple passengers to and from the remote communities for medical help, meetings, exhibits and sales in other regions to generate revenue. It is also needed in order to transport our school children on field trips.
  • Funds to provide Huichol tradition keepers with money to buy gas, food, water and supplies while on their sacred pilgrimages. They need all the help we can provide for them to fulfill their spiritual obligations.
  • Salaries, honorariums and supplies for visiting experts to teach us bio-dynamic agriculture, permaculture, computer literacy, and how to create computer apps.
  • Educational experts to help us advance our school methodologies, focused on “Child Centered Learning”.
  • Farm and aquaponics equipment such as an incubator, water tanks, rain water catchment materials, irrigation supplies, submersible water pumps, and building materials (block, sand, cement).
  • Funds to purchase 100 more fruit and shade trees to expand on the orchards planted throughout the land
  • Time to get off the grid and Go Solar---funds needed for purchase of supplies and installation so that all Huichol Center facilities have solar power and solar water heaters
  • Computers, printers and equipment for the school, offices, ethnographic documentation and computer art and graphic projects
  • Medical assistance funds for people with long-term illnesses that require a lot of care, exams, procedures and lodging for family members



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